BBQ Assembly & Safety Leak Check


Headache free assembly !!!

Most models


Assembly of a BBQ can be a painstaking process… A million nuts and bolts, instructions that don’t make sense. 1 hour becomes 6 hours!

Avoid the yelling! and cursing!

Put your feet up and relax, while we introduce you to headache free assembly.


New season ahead ?

Smelling gas?

Struggling to get over 250°F?

Or just being cautious?

Leaks are the biggest problem in a barbecuer’s world. Not only can a leak create low heat, making it impossible to reach over 200°- 300°F, but most importantly, it also creates extreme danger. Not only for the cook but to family and friends whether they are indoors or outdoors. Propane leaks can create sudden ignition of flame without warning, either from the manifold, propane tank or the regulator, even resulting in explosion.

The BBQ doctor will inspect everything that gas passes threw, he will use 2 methods of detecting leaks to ensure they are found.

Be free of worry and enjoy the times knowing you’re safe and secure.

All BBQ Cleanings, BBQ repairs and assemblies include a safety leak check to ensure everyone’s safety.
Happy grilling!