BBQ Repair


Starter not working ?

Low uneven heat ?

Blocked burners?

Rusted out burners?

Rusted out grills ?

Rusted out flavor waves ?

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The BBQ Doctor makes it possible for you to prolong the life of your BBQ. This avoids having to go out and buy a new one, figuring out assembly and worrying about delivery costs.

Let the BBQ repair doctor make it all better .

Are your thinking about replacing that grill? Do you need a helping hand installing that burner you bought 2 weeks ago?

With years of BBQ repair experience, the doctor can get it all done for you!

Drip tray fallen out from rust? Burners finished? No problem! The doctor can find you an original or replace it with a universal . Cracked seal that needs replacing, loose valves or faulty regulator? No stress! Simply call and make an appointment to get your BBQ repaired and back to health and prefect working order.

All BBQ Cleanings, BBQ repairs and assemblies include a safety leak check to ensure everyone’s safety.
Happy grilling !