BBQ Cleaning


BBQ covered in grease?

Low uneven heat?

Simple neglect?

Constant smoke fest?

Carbon build up?


Feeling a little grossed out with the condition of your BBQ? Burners clogged up? Not getting even heat any more? Worried what guests will think? Flare ups and grease fires happening on the regular, ruining the cook out?

These are the indicators that you’re in need of a routine BBQ cleaning and check up!

A good cleaning is not only so your BBQ looks great, it’s to ensure that your BBQ is functioning at its highest level of performance. Leaving you with food cooked to perfection for your family and friends.

There are NO! harsh chemicals used during the process of your cleaning. NO! intense grinding of the inside casing leaving the posibilities of flakes of metal getting into your food. The doctor scrapes clean the inside of your BBQ removing all of the grease, as well making the extirior of your BBQ come back to its luster, drilling out the holes in your burner alowing gas to pass freely, bringing it back to perfect health.

All bbq Cleanings , bbq repairs and assemblies include a safety leak check to ensure everyone’s safety.
Happy grilling !