BBQ Cleaning service

  • BBQ covered in grease?
  • Low uneven heat?
  • Simple neglect?
  • Constant smoke fest?
  • Carbon build up?

Feeling a little grossed out with the condition of your BBQ? Burners clogged up?  Not getting even heat any more?  Worried what guests will think?  Flare ups and grease fires  happening on the regular, ruining the cook out?

These are the indicators that you're in need of a routine BBQ  cleaning and check up!

A good cleaning is not only so your BBQ looks great, it's to ensure that  your BBQ is functioning at its highest level of performance. Leaving you with food cooked to perfection for your family and friends.

There are NO!  harsh chemicals used during the process of your cleaning. NO!  intense  grinding of the inside casing leaving the posibilities of flakes of metal getting into your food.  The doctor scrapes clean the inside of your BBQ removing all of the grease, as well making the extirior of your BBQ come back to its luster, drilling out  the holes in your burner alowing gas to pass freely, bringing it back to perfect health.

BBQ Repair & Parts service

  • Starter not working ?
  • Low uneven heat ?
  • Blocked burners?
  • Rusted out burners?
  • Rusted out grills ?
  • Rusted out flavor waves ?

The bbq doctor makes it possible for you to prolong the life of your BBQ.  This avoids having to go out and buy a new one,  figuring out assembly and worrying about delivery costs.

Let  the BBQ repair doctor make it all better .

Are your thinking about replacing that grill?  Do you need a helping hand installing that burner you bought 2 weeks ago?

With years of BBQ repair  experience, the doctor can get it all done for you!

Drip tray fallen out from rust?  Burners finished?  No problem! The doctor can find you an original or replace it with a universal .  Cracked seal that needs replacing,  loose valves or faulty regulator?  No stress! Simply call and make an appointment to get your BBQ repaired and back to health and prefect working order.

Safety leak check

  • New season ahead ?
  • Smelling gas?
  • Struggling to get over 250°F?
  • Or just being cautious?

Leaks are the biggest problem in a barbecuer's world. Not only can a leak create low heat, making it impossible to reach over 200°- 300°F, but most importantly,  it also creates extreme danger. Not only for the cook but to family and friends whether they are indoors or outdoors.  Propane leaks can create sudden ignition of flame without warning,  either from the manifold,  propane tank or the regulator,  even resulting in explosion..

The doctor will inspect everythjng that gas passes threw, he will  use 2 methods of detecting leaks to ensure they are found.

Be free of mind  and enjoy the times knowing your safe and secure.




  • Headache free assembly !!!
  • Most models




Our Objective is a company with 12 years experience in BBQ repair and maintenance throughout Montreal. We specialize in  cleaning, BBQ repair, and maintaining the safety, health and longevity of your barbecue, so that you can continue to have good times with family and friends.


Specializing in : Napoléon,  weber,  Broil King,  sterling , Vermont castings,  Ducane,  broil mate,  nexgrill

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